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iSense Music – 3D Music Player 1.013 (Android)

iSense Music – 3D Music Player 1.013 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: iSense Music player with a cool 3D user interface. Experience a stylish way with 3D floating album arts.

: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $1.99 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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iSense Music 3D Music Player like iPhone Music Player, Sense Music Player, Google Play Music, iPod Music Player, Coverflow Music Player etc but differs from all a lot.

Key Features:-

* Supports 3D themes, 4 themes preinstalled, released, check my other apps at Google Play

* Fast Scroll feature scroll through floating album arts.

* Supports beautiful user interface skins.

* Browse by albums, artists, folders, playlists, genres, songs, browsing like albums artist & genre, sorted by artist names.

* Equalizer 2.3+ ( working devices except a few, where system denies equalizer permissions ).

* Stylish Lockscreen with a 3D widget feature.

* Swipe Gestures Thumbnail(Swipe – Next & Prev, Tap – Pause/Play )

* Drag enabled menu.

* Different playlist sorting algorithm better than any used(from what I) android application.

* Supports Album Art Utility App-On which allows manually pick album artwork only but also artists, folders, playlists, genres , from , app album arts.

* Many other features find out.

Note: On first launch Music art caching process take some time (depends ).

3D Carousel Guide:

* Touch most album art song list.

* Long press most album art options.

* Touch any album art .

* Swipe left-right through .

* Touch left-right bar scroll through carousel.

Please Help Me Translate T:

Everybody than welcome me translate my application native languages or correct any translations(please email me with subject “iSense Translate: …….”, if anybody me translate).

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What’s New Music – 3D Music Player version:

v1.012, v1.013

* Equalizer Change

* Added Russian Translation

* RAM Management(new loading/caching)

* Fixed Freezes/Reboots

* Background Playback Fix


v1.010, v1.011

* Support large songlist

* Music Library Folders (exclude unwanted folders)

* Lockscreen Scaling devices


Older Changes

* New Star Rating system with half star option

* Import/Export ratings from Tags(Media Monkey etc supported)

* Tag Editor

* Swipe Gestures

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android iSense Music   3D Music Player 1.013 (Android)

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