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City Conquest HD v1.116.0 Android Apk Game

City Conquest HD v1.116.0 Android Apk Game

: 4.0+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Epic Mobile Strategy with stunning HD graphics! Offense + Defense!

Full single-campaign & simultaneous INTERNET MULTIPLAYER mode!

“City Conquest excellent game. Its simple but tactically deep gameplay well-implemented … with excellent graphics . The gameplay -solid ton their way through full version; meanwhile, version offers enough content a feel game single- modes … It’s an excellent addition bulging library ”

City Conquest unique blend genres, offering an innovative new gameplay experience with real-time strategy game accessibility defense games. Whether through 14-mission single-player campaign, battle other players online real-time internet multiplayer or hotseat multiplayer modes, or clash against 6 bonus expert-level Challenge missions, City Conquest a strategy experience like no other.

City Conquest offers ALL players FREE access multiplayer, 5 missions epic single-player Campaign, first Challenge mission. The last 9 Campaign missions last 5 Challenge missions require unlock game single in-app purchase. No additional purchases are required past purchase.

• Completely free with NO in-app purchases!

• 20 action-packed single-player missions!

• 100 achievements!

• 9 offensive un, all with 4 upgrade levels!

• 9 defensive tower types (most offering 2-3 upgrade levels)!

• 5 internet multiplayer maps!

• 20 upgradeable building types!

• 4 “Mothership effects” that act as “spells” units or buildings limited area!

• Unique territory expansion & control mechanic!

• Resource collection mechanics!

• 4 hotseat multiplayer maps!

• Ability to “swap” dropship pads!

• Complete in-game help system!

• Full-featured in-game achievement browser with per-category filtering completion status indicator!

As blue army, turn against army that has decimated epic clash . Choose from a wide array defenses building from army while simultaneously choosing from a wide array un army’s Capitol. Build a vast city, upgrade , mine gold , increase by building Skyscrapers, deploy powerful Mothership Effects, exp city!

Additionally, later missions multiplayer missions provide four “Mothership Effects” that affect all buildings or units circular area. Players use a unique “swapping” mechanic any Dropship Pads they.

Requires minimum resolution ×640.

Requires Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS or higher.

Internet multiplayer mode requires a WiFi connection

What’s new:

- Changed HD resolutions only (960×720)

- Improved camera animations ‘sliding’ More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk : More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :

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