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Monsterzzz v1.0.2 Android Apk Game

Monsterzzz v1.0.2 Android Apk Game

: 2.1+ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: “Awesome. Gorgeous. Perfect.” – Tim, game designer (5/5)

“I still hear them scream at nights.” – Eugene, lead developer (4/5)

“That’s I’ve been waiting for!” – Alex, executive producer (5/5)

Have been dream? What always what like, right? The dream’s fabric , it’s weaver. Your task change dream’s space through , cleaning from its monsters. T difficult one, logic you’re familiar with from use dream’s reality.

T another dimension games. ’t get first time, . But guide t strange world, begin that you’ve mistaken odd with hard. often find yourself situation where , that seemed impossible just a moment ago, was right before . But catch rules, every hardworking cell brain with joy, celebrating each new victory.

The objectives are simple: in slot. ’t move’s own, so , pull, lift, drop blocks. There are two types : light . Blocks same color stick together, creating figures that around. There “empty” space at all: when block, imagine that blocks are the “empty space”, versa – when you’re moving a light block, blocks act space. Seems hard? Well then don’t read t , go install – be easier surely funnier than .


Takes a non-standard way !

Keep away from stupid!

Can cause severe impatience!


5 monsters worlds

100 mindblowing levels with multiple solutions

Beautiful backgrounds

Charming nightlight

Non-linear thinking

Puzzle made fun with abilities


than , are some tips it:

The goal put in slot.

’t move directly. push, pull .

a star killed monster.

Monsters are killed when passes close by.

move a block around when surrounded with blocks different color.

’t move a block if .

spl block with another block different color.

Two blocks same color stick together, forming one block More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk : More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :

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