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Cellular Network Widget Pro 1.3.4 (Android)

Cellular Network Widget Pro 1.3.4 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Way Above ! What are getting from provider? Does that ambiguous 3G icon never change status bar? Ever ask why speeds are slow sometimes? Try a new intuitive cellular signal analyzer that answers all those questions at a glance.

: Android OS 2.2

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What’s New Network Widget Pro version 1.3.4:

*Live statistics

*New statistics added

Performance Tweaks:

-Setting widget ids.


-Widget background sometimes displayed incorrectly after wake up, power on, or task switch.

Please Note:

*There bug affecting some Android devices strengths being returned by are invalid. The raw signal strengths viewed statistics screen appear if invalid or undetectable. Currently no solution or work around exists.

Cellular Network Widget Pro eliminates work by showing pertinent information about connection while using a color coded system display real time signal strength. Your widget from Green , representing Excellent, Moderate, or Poor signal strength. All t done time while keeping a connection history signal change that occurs. Tapping widget reveals a beautiful statistical analys displaying every cellular network connected has been active. What percentage time are 4G network compared or even 2G? It’s time out!

A trending topic these days data usage, limits . How much cellular data are using? Cellular Network Widget not only empowers accurate information including current carrier, cellular network, network generation, signal strength’s. included a cellular data usage counter that counts every cellular data byte transmitted device.

The user configurable menu allows customize , or matter , information need while maintaining color coordinating signal meter style background. Your widget size its self according amount displayed any home screen style preference. Also included cellular data usage alarm feature that a notification when a user selectable data lim been reached. Take control cellular connection history, two beautiful background styles from data usage alarm yourself truly know.

Remember t a widget so after installation , perform a long press home screen, select Widgets, Cellular Network Widget Pro screen.

T Widget amazingly requires NO USER PERMISSIONS operate!

NOTE: Please feel free us, instead section, with any questions or issues encountered when using our product. Include model description problem next update.

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