Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

franco.Kernel updater v7.1 (7.1) Android Apk App

franco.Kernel updater v7.1

T must a Galaxy Nexus GSM or LTE version. It’s a simple tool franco.Kernel Galaxy Nexus. up check process user.



Downloads directly from

Checks directly from

Checks Imoseyon’s kernel (new feature)

Kernel auto-flash

Cpu frequencies changer

Governor changer

Voltage control interface

Kernel settings:

Hotplug enabler

Color Control – You’re able GAMMA values Multipliers color profile

Sound Control – Increase volume device

Download special franco.Kernel boot animation

Wi-fi special mode signal during streaming while off

Custom download path

Live calibrated voltages panel

Disable logger

SQlite defrag

Dedicated milestone kernels changelogs

What’s version : (Updated : Oct 22, 2012)

Dramatically reduce app size by roughly 100kb – should be faster secure

Re-factor start code up specially time/first time after a reboot

Removed menu options that don’t support them

Settings panel auto-adjusts itself depending number ’s

Updated lots descriptions

Add setting Android Events log tiny b extra juice

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

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