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Game Releases • Elphis Adventure v1.1.0

Elp v1.1.0
2.2 + Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Red Hood's Casual Time Travelling RPG!

Colorful time-twisting casual RPG, Elphis : Adventure! Enjoy story~
Red Riding Hood + Jeanne d'Arc + Liu Bei = Elpise?!
Crazy yet intriguing! Scenario definitely differentiated from other time-traveling stories.
Roam inside fairytales, historical times, fantasy periods' casual RPG ""Elphis : Adventure""!!
Lalala~ Another peaceful day Riding Hood, Granny tells her back some apples.
But when she came back home.... Granny's gone?!?! Search by traveling through time,
out who or what took her away!
Creepy monsters, colorful graphics, controls~
As one Market’s best casual RPG, Elpise enjoyed by anyone
And now... shall machine?
★ Features ★
- Little Red Riding Hood time-twisting adventure!
Fairytales, historical periods! Fall in times a journey with .
Uncover 's hidden schemes indulged story never forget!
- Endless Fun, Endless Combos!
Elpise's specially optimized unlimited combo system!
Unlimited super combos! H stronger hits! Combo aggro skills
powerful hits satisfaction.
- Learn Skills! Get !
Petite but Red Riding Hood holds so
many skills! Elpise features Star-falling 'meteors', attractive allurement 'lures', wind-spinning 'storms', awesome
Get all fantastic passive skills!
- Infinite Dungeon
Never-ending plays even when ! Various bosses , special items
hidden here ~Dungeon!
- Character Level-ups with other customized features!
Tired Riding Hood being red all ? Customize her look with different hats, capes, clothes
however .
Her power may increase with different looks!

What's New
What's version:
★1.1.0 Updates★
- Improved other environments minor bugs
We are also doing our best smooth gameplay improvements.

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