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Memory Booster (Full Version) 4.9 (Android)

Memory Booster (Full Version) 4.9 (Android)

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: Android OS 1.6

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What’s New Memory Booster Full version 4.9:

  • Fix crash report Play

  • Improve UI: now slide screen pages

  • “Widget no response” fixed

  • Resource code optimization performance

*Memory Booster tablet version Market!*

UPDATE: Customers who bought t via Paypal please contact our customer support installation.

Memory Booster powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed Android smartphone users. designed yet crucial problem management Android devices. Memory Booster reclaims lost memory programs by defragmenting ’s memory memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.

Supported language: English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Memory Booster Features:

* Real-time Memory Status Report & Monitor

Memory Booster provides a live chart ’s total/free memory memory usage.

* Setting Your Performance Target

With Au Threshold set, Memory Booster keeps higher than desired level, immediately if memory drops down.

* One-click Quick Memory Boosting

Besides automatic memory boosting, Memory Booster also allows manually boost by Quick Boost.

* Auto-boosting Background

With Au Interval, Memory Booster runs background reclaims memory Android at interval.

* Android system crash protection

Memory Booster always watches resources up system memory once a critical point.

* And there …

Other features include embedded Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Boost Level Manager & Memory Boost Log, which assist Memory Booster .

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