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eWallet v7.4.0.194 ( Android Apk App

eWallet v7.4.0.194

: Android 2.1 Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Protect info phone with eWallet®


Don’t take risks with , account info, card numbers, or IDs. Keep them protected, secure, ®. Your passwords are very important – just think about it. All , accounts, financial info, health info, cred, insurance, else private by passwords. They’re not just, Facebook .

So when you’re looking password manager, pick one trust.

eWallet, from Ilium Software, has been trusted by mobile users 14 years. With half a million users, in-house email support, industry awards, eWallet best – – choice confidential information.

eWallet protects completely, with:

+ Secure storage, usernames, PINs

+ Strong 256-b encryption

+ Secure storage card info

+ Time-out locks safe

+ Live URLs that launch , without emails or typing errors taking

+ An automatic password generator strong, secure passwords

eWallet lets (with optional Windows PC version) up :

+ Sync with Windows PC up : also purchase eWallet PC from our website, easily using cable or a local WiFi connection

+ Item-level sync lets everywhere

+ Sync wallets want – no restrictions

+ Use PC version free days


+ Supports Android Phones, versions 2.1-4.x

+ Synchronization with Windows PC via USB Mass Storage, or a local WiFi network

+ WiFi sync requires version 7.4 or later Windows PC version

eWallet lets it:

+ Use shortcuts card categories, so find fast

+ Complete search find

+ Choose categories

+ Add personal notes questions cards

+ many different wallets want

+ Live URLs, phone numbers addresses right where them


them secure.

And confident that use them when to. More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk : More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :

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