Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Ultimate Call Screen HD Pro v7.3.1 (7.3.1) Android Apk App

 Ultimate Call Screen HD Pro v7.3.1

Ultimate Call Screen HD Free combines a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement, contact picture manager, call blocker, and, , sensor-base actions such calls by turning screen-down, gestures just sure any way to.

Licensed users phone contacts profiles, their HD profile pictures screens. Also with comes Ultimate SMS Screen, says .

All t package, working from Android V2.1 , resolution phone.

There lim personalize or block Free version. There are no adds timeouts. I believe functionality, not crippling buys.


To access standard functions, press “back” button while call, or use the “swipe down” feature



No lim number .

Apply pictures directly from , with “share” function. Just choose “Add ”!

Full Screen Caller ID

Selectively enable only/incoming calls

Enable swipe gestures up phone interface

Press “Back” when UCS a call back default phone interface

Choose pictures from gallery or take from camera

Image cropper with multi-touch zooming

Per-contact blocking

Preview each contact callscreen

Define a global default HD picture contacts ’t feel like personalizing

Optional on-screen “loudspeaker” button

Option /hide status bar

Optional haptic feedback (vibrate)

Different default pictures contacts

Hide parts call screen interface.

Call Blocker

Block individual contacts.

Global Activate/deactivate call blocking, overriding individual contact block status.

Sensor based actions

Activate/deactivate sensor actions

Set the “Turn ” feature: Turn screen-down an incoming call.

Pro Features:

Intercept SMS messages with fullscreen caller picture below. Fully themable SMS screen.

Option incoming SMS show above lockscreen, including turning on

Dismiss or reply directly from UCS SMS screen, with buttons or swipe gestures

Link friends their HD profile pictures screen.

Setup UCS android contact picture caller ID.

Enable swipe gestures , decline,or bring up phone interface

Use UCS themes screen even more! Different default themes contacts, callscreen elements.

Setup different themes contacts

Activate the “Turn ring” feature (if supports it).

Activate the “Turn” feature (if supports it).

Activate the “Block all incoming calls” feature: every single call blocked.

Activate the “Whitelist mode”. T invert selection, contacts NOT marked blocked.

Activate the “Block Unknown Callers” feature.

What’s version : (Updated : Oct 19, 2012)

Added optional root-required methods/declining calls. Should ONLY be used if problems with UCS, phone MUST be rooted.

Added Setup Wizard configuration

Added option UCS after answering a call

Increased customization screen. now hide , backgrounds text.

FIXED: Facebook authorization issues phones

FIXED: issue when choosing Ring Picker interface users

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

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