Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Game Releases • Super Action Hero v1.0.1

Super Action Hero v1.0.1
2.2 Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: The greatest action mobile game coming smartphone!
Super powerful action game with unique cartoonish character!《 Super Action Hero 》!
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Super powerful action with cartoonish character! Super Action Hero collection mini games. Become a hero, battle against mysterious forces , work with allies gears malicious creatures!
★ Game! ★
We also support Korean, Deutsch, français, 日本語, 中文简体, and 中文繁體. Meet heroes who travel all over !
✔ Awesome Battles!
Various attack patterns effect. And awesome action with fatal blows effects!
✔ Ally System: longer alone!
a total (maximum 6) allies has unique character, use them strategies!
✔ Over 100 missions massive game!
There are 15 planets, 12 type missions, 16 types missions total number missions!
✔ Become stronger!
Hero stronger, masks ! Use different techniques invincible.
✔ Create gear Gear Editor!
use gears in-game or share them with other players!

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