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Game Releases • Neuroshima Hex v1.82

Neuroshima Hex v1.82
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Neuroshima Hex fast paced, tactical board game where up players (human or AI) lead their troops . Every player controls one four armies struggling world destroyed 30 years long war. March with , leading its army towards setting world order.


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Become Borgo mutants who spread terror wastelands. Lead The Outpost - humanity's last hope uneven guerrilla war. Be Hegemony - l gangers not caring about only mad entertainment.
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Neuroshima Hex known board game community. Neuroshima Hex holds 100th place prestige BoardGameGeek ranking (which contains almost 50,000 games from around ). In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinction Best Polish Designer Game published. Neuroshima Hex was also published US (by Z-Man Games) (by IELLO).

- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork
- 4 different armies with unique strategies
- Up players (human or AI)
- 3 AI difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial & manual
- Tons
- Easy , hard

What's version:
1. Two new armies - Neojungle York - available
2. New, improved AI
3. New graphic features
4. fixed game crash during attacker selection

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