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Andy (Siri for Android) 5.3 (Android)

Andy (Siri) 5.3 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Andy. The answer !

: Android OS 2.2

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Additional Features:

- Advertising Free!

- No ‘Top Android App’ in-app offers.

- No daily lim number .

- Supports ‘Detailed Answers’ (video answers answers).

- Supports ‘Online Ideas’ feature (see most commonly asked questions).

- Supports all type (launch apps, etc.).

- Fully functional ‘Stop Talking’ button.

- Fully functional ‘Interesting Facts’.

- Bluetooth (A2DP) support.

- Shake recording support.

About Application:

Andy voice controlled access information vast array . Ask anything. Andy covers culture arts, biographies , geography , society sciences, history , natural sciences, technology science, religion systems, health, mathematics , philosophy other topics.

also ask about weather city, get answers questions, conversions, or simply ask any question just like do a search online.

To ask a question, tap button application home screen. Alternatively, give a little shake (t enabling Recording option) or simply type question manually .

One ’s great features design with Bluetooth headsets (A2DP only, must pair with at least one device). Andy (using phone or tablet) , search best answer, clear voice. The answer be displayed device screen.

Additionally, Andy text messages, initiate phone calls, give distance measurements, time range measurements lot more.

What’s New (Siri) version 5.3:

Version 5.3 (Released: 23.Nov.2012)

- Added: Cancel Search option – For situations where Andy misinterpreted or too long .

- Added: Enhanced Stop Talking button – Andy’s mute button now automatically appears when Andy talks. no longer take space screen when it’s not needed.

– Added: Long Press Down key – Executes Voice Search. T faster than taping microphone icon.

- Added: Long Press Up key – Mutes Andy (same Stop Talking button).

- Added: Long press device button – Opens Andy.

- Added: Loading Progress feature. Shows loading spinning wheel until Andy loaded.

- Added: Open Application feature has been enhanced. longer need an exact name app… As long least one word (even partial) , Andy it.

- Fix: Shake Feature setting properly registered by .

- Fix: Bluetooth Communication adjustments A2DP devices.

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