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Handy Note 4.0 (Android)

Handy Note 4.0 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Handy Note Replace paper notebooks, but keep experiences.

: Android OS 2.2

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After enduring tons note applications, which were not very intuitive nor easy , created Handy Note our needs. We developed our product . Our aim bring a handy tool market that paper notebooks user experience.

The characteristics Note summarized words “Freedom, Professionalism ”

== Freedom ==

between numerous tools. input text, h, free draw, insert symbols, drag shapes or insert photos anytime , just do blank paper.

== Professionalism ==

Handwriting experience provides by Handy Note better than writing piece . The state design templates, note covers , sticky papers, symbols look nice.

== Convenience ==

Slide Show enables present without PowerPoint. copy handwritten text word by word. Share with other Android devices or backup box.

** Handy Note Product Features **

- Magic Pen: a creative technology quality. T get enjoy handwriting Note . (Samsung S Pen )

- Rich Media: put text, handwriting, photos, symbols, shape same page just do blank paper.

- Editable handwriting box with word by word copy & delete, bulletin & numbering, alignment, style settings.

- Built & paper templates, text box & handwriting box background templates symbols.

- Share among different sizes phones/tablets , PDF files or Handy Note files through email, bluetooth, WIFI, Dropbox, etc.

- Ready : pre-define planner, diary, meeting minutes, class note templates with multiple different pages. Templates text & handwriting boxes taking notes.

** Product Description **


- Text with text editing, sticker style background, size, color, numbering, bullet, etc.

- Handwriting with customizable pen style, scalable writing area.

- Full screen draw with lasso selecting changing.


- Multiple objects: layer changes, alignment, distribution, group/ungroup, position lock.

- Templates: place holder replaces.

- Draw & Handwrite: 5 different kinds with 6 colors strokes.

- Text: 24 sticker style backgrounds, size, color, numbering, bullet, align, etc.


- Templates: multiple pages templates, time management, diary, business, academic, personal categories.

- Paper & Cover: 20 papers/cover styles, time management, diary, business, academic, personal categories.

- More from our web site


- Share among different size Android phones/tablets.

- Share & PDF files use.

What’s NEW Note version 4.0:

The version 4.0 major release

After a long expectation, Note . We make a huge contribution mode, it.

BTY, installable templates Handy Note. Please search company name “AppBody” or “ResPack”.

For Handy Note & Note:

ResPack 01 – Classic Notebook.

ResPack 03 – Free Diary.

For Handy Album & Note

ResPack 02 – Free Pho.

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