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PhotoViva v2.11 (2.11) Android Apk App

PhotoViva v2.11

: Android 2.3.3

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: PhotoViva powerful application editing painting. help in works .

In addition , there are paint brushes that let abstract painted interpretations . select a brush image features by cloning or painting. Brushes , or set direction. also change , saturation strokes go.

App Hints

• Use large brush strokes , then use smaller brush strokes detail

• Use Brushes in “Clone” mode instead of “Paint” mode image canvas

• Use Tools->Blend undo.. most recent change canvas

• Use in “Clone” mode directly canvas after painting with brush strokes

• Try clearing , Black or Cream using menu before painting

• Add color noise strokes a lively variation color

• Use less or no color noise when painting tones

• Use correction feature that shadows


The maximum output image size CPU capabilities iOS device.

Featured Functionality

• Zoom detailed work

• Image cropping

• 10 levels

• Camera support with cameras

• Gallery images provided

Terrific Tools

• High Dynamic Range (HDR) correction

• RGB adjustment

• Shadows, midtones, control

• Saturation

• Autopaint mode

• Hue adjustment

• Add noise function

• Watermarking

• Blend functions

• Fill , black or cream

• Fill frame, outline or center

• Fill color

Brilliant Brushes

• 20 brushes are provided

• Set or let track

• Brushes paint or clone

• Brush size varied

Color Creativity

• Ed or pick colors from

• An image used source

• Adjust brightness, blur, saturation fly

• Current canvas used source color

• Noise added color strokes

What’s version:

In t frame borders made with equal size or larger bottom border. Color balance adjusted with RGB tool by clicking image.

now zoom while mode using pinch gesture brush size inverse scales with . Now also “Liquify” . Images are saved directory called “PhotoViva” sdcard.

Romona – please contact me, maybe give me some info having.

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http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :