Senin, 19 November 2012

Crazy Cars – Hit The Road HD 1.0 (Android)

Crazy Cars – H Road HD 1.0 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: The cult racing series created by Titus Interactive with a br version faster than ever before!

: Android OS 2.0.1

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Rediscover thrill gaming with t racing game, taking bends at max speed or massive jumps that hundreds high.

You’ll be right middle , racing some best rides out there. Criss-cross different states USA at over 200 mph! Just make sure don’t catch you.


Risk $ can:

Master ride through .

Blind with clouds smoke.

Drive, nudge other rides, or slipstream past gauge.

use trucks jumps, which also comes police barricades.


Win all ’ll unblock loads rides.

Pimp with engine tune-ups, hub caps .

Choose ride stickers.


Become champion tracks variety (Snow-capped mountains, Downtown, Beach, Desert …).

An arcade game featuring major speed -high jumps.

Experience racing slalom through traffic, avoiding obstacles along .

Smash through police barricades. The cops everything power you…

A range race.

Use . Pimp !

Challenge skills Platform two player mode.

What’s New Cars – H Road HD version 1.0:

  • Initial Release

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