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Great Big War Game 1.2.4 (Android)

Great Big War Game 1.2.4 (Android)

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download:: “Great Big War Game” much anticipated sequel critically acclaimed “Great Little War Game”.

: Android OS 2.2

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The generalissimo , causing than ever!

A tap turn-based strategy game with a huge sense , featuring funny cartoon military units set stunning fictional world.

great big war game apk

With a greatly expanded single player campaign, br online multiplayer whole raft cool new stuff, there’s plenty that 2.5 million strong player base.

New brand? Don’t worry – there’s a full in-game manual tutorials . If game, still play t out where all those 5 star reviews came from.

NOTE: By purchasing t, Rubicon harmless loss , drop productivity, poor school attendance, family break downs, melted cellphones or medical claims of “addict’s finger”.

Core Features:

❋ 50 Mission single player campaign

❋ Online asynchronous multiplayer

❋ Pass n Play & Skirmish vs AI

❋ Lush visuals

❋ Simple, intuitive control method

❋ Tons

❋ No birds were harmed (or made angry) during development!

See what said about the Great Big War Game:

❋ Touch Arcade review: 5/5

“I’ll call Great Little War Game “great” without hesitation” … “ really sink into, which enough. So I’m delighted that it’s also rich, good looking .”

❋ TapScape review: 10/10

“Great Little War Game that: a well-designed tactical war game perfect who enjoy side warfare.”

❋ Top10: First place

“The lavish production values game, incredible attention animation gives sense , naval warfare that gets small screen”

What’s New Big War Game version :


* Fix 4 crash.


* Fix crash introduced with previous update when losing focus devices.


* Fixed a critical crash that would occur when lost focus

* Fixed hang when opponent’s infantry jeep ferry tried that jeep on another ferry

* Fixed issue where fast-forwarding an opponent’s turn would occasionally yield a different result than normal speed

* Dead buildings no longer open up

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APK +SD Files – Copy ‘com.rubicon.dev.gbwg’ folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/data/’