Sabtu, 24 November 2012

ForeverMap 2 – Offline Maps 2.0.3 (Android)

ForeverMap 2 – Offline Maps 2.0.3 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Global online maps. Ideal . Anywhere, anytime.

: Android OS 2.3

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Search worldwide online maps. unlimited online access citymaps, country-maps, -maps. PLUS also opt map access without internet connection city, country, or continent within . Including search display. YOU EVEN GET ONE ENTIRE OFFLINE COUNTRY MAP – INCLUDING ALL ITS CITYMAPS’ AREAS – FOR FREE.

ForeverMap 2 ultimate map app with such hybrid map capabilities, featuring one most advanced map technologies available: skobbler’s NGx map engine – providing a paperback-like map experience.

T features:

★ an extraordinary map experience,

★ gorgeous visuals,

★ tremendous level ,

★ various search options,

★ route display ,

★ CHOICE, whether all t OR OFFLINE.

It’s ideal journey needs, data at . Anywhere, anytime. Exactly how it. The app uses data from the “Wikipedia ” – OpenStreetMap

Experience what 900,000 mapping enthusiasts () around possible skobbler Maps quality ( easily available at all times.

Calculate routes any point (POI) favorite access. Search locations around at any place world. It’s all there ’s all so easy. And : you’ll get continuous free map updates.

Yes, all this:

★ Unlimited online access digital maps (requires internet connection) with continuous free map updates

★ Optional installable map upgrades use , state, country, continent or worldwide regions (install or uninstall at any time flexibility)

★ One offline country map

★ One most advanced map engines out there (skobbler NGx), featuring intuitive map interaction -edge map visuals

★ A user interface that’s fully adapted screen – no ugly stretched visuals from bigger or smaller devices

★ Various search modes

★ Map routing

★GPS positioning (requires no internet connection) positioning (requires internet connection)

★ An IdeaLog us users know

★ Optional synchronization capabilities with web portal

What’s New 2 – Offline Maps version 2.0.3:

- Fixed a potential issue with -app purchase processing (installable maps should be downloaded without issues now)

- Fixed a potential issue with restoring installable maps

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