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ThinkFree Mobile Pro 5.0.121115 (Android)

ThinkFree Mobile Pro 5.0.121115 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Simple user interface optimized smartphone

: Android 2.1

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ThinkFree Mobile Pro


• View, ed create that PC

• Create professional diagrams with rich style with tip

• Apply transition effects animations presentation

• Simple user interface optimized smartphone

Main Features:

• Fast

• Mobile-friendly editing menu

• Insert various objects (Support video clip)

• High rendering quality

• Add annotation, memo file

• Support

• Optimized file management devices

• New documents with templates

• Online storage service (ThinkFree Online,, Google Drive)

* File Manager

Optimized file management make common tasks such-selection, open, rename, search, copy, delete, . Quick access recent files list enables find recently edited documents conveniently.

* Template Download

ThinkFree Mobile Pro supports a PC-like experience so that user only create new documents with templates but also download 40 kinds templates from an online server.

* Online Storage

Documents uploaded or downloaded via web storage services such Online, Drive. In , various cloud services be linked through Connector Service content devices .

ThinkFree Mobile Pro connected .com storage service (OneCloud), enabling users , open, ed share documents anytime anywhere.

* Ed

Intuitive UI UX provide a PC-like editing experience, making ed.

* Insert Objects

The option various objects allows create unique documents. insert tables, shapes, drawings clips with UX. A library images, 36 shapes, 8 line styles, charts helps professional looking documents.

* Rendering Quality

Compatible with respect shapes, Pro provides high quality figures various object effects such, shadow, . displays smart art that with MS Office.

Advanced Features:

• Dynamic & visual effects

• Inserting video clips

• Slide note

• Inserting annotations

• Numeric keyboard & easy calculation

• PC-like functions

• Various fonts

• Integrated quick text-viewer

• Extra features

* Animation & Transition effects

Pro supports a variety effects such, fly in, pinwheel etc. Slides with animations are displayed with a star (★). Adding a transition effect (24 kinds ) easy using menu’s thumbnail view.

* Insert Video Clips

Show supports multimedia effects an audience’s attention by delivering dynamic presentations.

* Slide Note

Show supports slide notes that allow add annotations with a stylus pen or finger during a slide show.

* Insert PDF Annotations

PDF viewer supports highlighting content using shapes, comments .

* Numeric Keyboard & Easy Calculation

Calc provides accurate functions with various numeric keyboards. supports function search, which MS Office feature.

* Various Fonts

A variety types corresponding Office are provided, enabling select exactly what documents.

* Integrated Quick Text Viewer

If a large text heavy document, ThinkFree Mobile Pro change text viewer mode.

* Hyperlink, Dictionary, TTS

Inserting hyperlinks helps support documents with explanations. also search exact meaning using -in dictionary words via (Text-to-Speech) feature.

What’s Mobile Pro version 5.0.121115:

• .hwp file manager (need “Hancom Viewer” Application)

• Fast

• High rendering quality

• Optimized file management devices

• Print function (need “ThinkFree Mobile Printer” Application)

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