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Global Outbreak 1.1.7 Mod (Android)

Global Outbreak 1.1.7 Mod (Android)

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: Android OS 2.0.1

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Defend mankind from a killer virus spreading across strategic top down 3D shooter!

Use 3D tactical view globe then control missions throughout .

Welcome Outbreak. Industries, ’s best trusted mercenary outfit.

The world has been h a lethal virus, turning people in zombie mutants.

The authorities city are working hard from spreading, but been assigned quickly before drop!

- Location Aware: The game global, turning GPS, Global Outbreak experience around .

- Soldiers: In against global annihilation people are key. Build up a roster mercenaries by levelling up their abilities. Take them from campaign to

campaign an army warriors .

- Weapons: Increase by unlocking new weapons an immense range .

- Unique Controls: Direct with a control system designed from up, allowing play with just one finger.

What’s New Outbreak version 1.1.7:

*More ways free gold!!

*Bug fixes

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