Selasa, 20 November 2012

BaconReader Premium for Reddit 2.4 (Android)

BaconReader Premium 2.4 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: BaconReader reddit, whether you’re br or a Karma King! THE ad-free Redd experience

: Android OS 2.0

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Now Redd with a “Redditorial” guide !

“T best looking Redd around.” –Android Police

“…brings a lot table .” –Droid Life

“BaconReader Is A Great New Redd For Android” –Addictive Tips

BaconReader most experienced redditors newest redditors alike, making redd simple with instant access , pics, replies, else reddit.

With features like subredd, keyword filtering, picture uploading, you’ve got all things redd one easy place: BaconReader.

Follow us at r/BaconReader latest BaconReader updates .

Current Features/Benefits:

* JellyBean compatibility with expandable notifications JellyBean features

* Complete tutorial guide , redditors

* FULL Screen mode

* Tablet optimized design

* Sharp, ICS inspired design, with easier redd sorting options

* Full user profile support

* Color coded comment threads

* Full featured redd

* Rageface support

* Easy access using sidebar with long-press

* Search subreddits based or keyword

* Please let us help BaconReader or redd or problems by contacting our support team

What’s New Premium version 2.4:

* Improved JellyBean support, including expandable notifications

* Added full screen toggle redd/activity device screen

* Added tutorial screens

* Enabled 1-step full picture album save

*Added optimized tablet design (through Settings screen)

* External images f f screen

* Added sort comments Profile

* Added setting -hide viewed posts

* Scrolled comment threads nest properly

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Download BaconReader Premium 2.4 (Android)



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