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BlueInput for Android 2.2.225 (Android)

BlueInput 2.2.225 (Android)

http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Blueinput advanced Bluetooth application that allows connect a bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard Android device typing speed, wireless device control unrivaled coolness factor.

: Android Device OS 2.1

Price: 8.49 EUR

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IMPORTANT: Samsung Galaxy phones HTC Models do not support Bluetooth L2CAP, needed a connection bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Please do not under rate Blueinput that our control. We t trial version so test .

News notes:

- Version 2.1 comes with additional Layouts (Swiss, Portuguese, Dvorak)

Features an advanced, yet easy Layout Editor that use Language Layout (including Chinese, Arabic or any other)

The first time Application, a built care steps, making setup so easy!

Additional improvements over versions including bug fixing, new internal performance features, addons

- Version 2.0 comes with Android 4.0 support, bugs , including revised Spanish Layout, new Bluetooth interface

- Version 1.9.X brings layout support (English, French AZERTY, German, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish) (Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Korean, etc). Keyboard autorepeat. GUI improvements fixes.

- Version 1.8.X brings Tablet support.

- Version 1.7.X was designed compatible with Android 2.1 (or newer) Bluetooth SDK.

Important notes:

1. Uninstall previous versions manually before install 1.9

2. T a free demo version, with minor limitations. To unlock disable , a serial key. To get a serial key, go Teksoft Website

3. On some Android devices, Blueinput keyboard or mouse but fail . T not a bug, but a limitation Bluetooth Stack Android device using. There do this, so please do not underrate our work out control.


To register need Device ID. T ID About tab. If you’ve provided ID, serial key doesn’t work, change automatically, using serial key management tool, available

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What’s New version:

  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity with SPP Support! Connect using HID or SPP, or use connection manager.

  • All Bluetooth enabled Android devices support SPP (serial port profile)

  • Mouse Cursor implemented

  • Improved user interface, power but easier !

  • More settings options a great user experience

  • Bug fixes, including saving layouts, keyboard settings,

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android BlueInput 2.2.225 (Android)

Download Link: BlueInput 2.2.225 (Android)