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MorseIt 2.1 (Android)

Morse.1 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $1.06

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How many SMS equals (“On my way.See ”, “Can’t talk now.I’ll call ”, “I’ll be there minutes”, …) a month?

With Morse send all these messages that , only through missed calls. Imagine how much money save per year.

Main features :

- Send 10 predefined messages.

- Create lists with personalized messages. Put key . Remember that receives message must own list Morsing.

- Access all available listings morsing them.

- Create shortcuts Calls. T only who with photograph.

- Receive Morsings only those contacts you’ve added.

- Program at any time worry about forgetting.

- Notifications shipments received.

- Settings: save morsings incoming phone mute when receiving morsing, automatically check listing morsing (requires internet), etc …

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android Morse.1 (Android)

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