Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.58 (Android)

Future Ops Online Premium 1.0.58 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with up Players MMO, Team Deathmatch The Point game modes.

: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $0.99 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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Now supporting tablet controls, Added Menu Scale slider , Added HUD scale, HUD offset, sensitivity options menu. Soon t be automatically saved.

Br fixes Y, Galaxy Ace, Mini.

Please use link page when issues or questions, there’s too many comments up with sorry.

Premium Supporters be able private password protected servers users those servers. Premium Supporters Weapon Pickups first.

Survival MMO Mode similar Z, however its under heavy reconstruction right now, many features had disabled them devices, including picking up weapons, buildings must be simplified.

Air Vehicles allow play Mobile FPS games like never before, t aims battlefield,!

Please always update , if there are server side changes, then a new server version that accessible by version game, which like there are no servers online.

What’s New Ops Online Premium version:

1-14-2013 v.1.0.58 – Added Menu Scale slider , Added HUD scale, HUD offset, sensitivity options menu.

1-13-2013 v.1.0.57 – Added Quality Settings Menu.

1-13-2013 v.1.0.56 – Fixed max players letting users servers, Removed unused shaders, textures , Loading times are once again improved.

1-12-2013 v.1.0.55 – Reduced loading time, reduced ram usage, cook shaders other shader optimizations, fixed a few errors.

1-11-2013 v.1.0.54 – Re-added zombies Mountains, longer take damage Allied Outpost Distance Display.

1-10-2013 v.1.0.53 – Fix Ace, Y, & Mini.

1-9-2013 v.1.0.51 – Rebuilt MMO map, Added item pickups, added placeholder building, several performance optimizations all over.

1-6-2013 v.1.0.50 – Fixed Login menu not showing.

1-6-2013 v.1.0.49 – Survival MMO Mode Coop, added Capture The Point Jungle Map, Added vehicles modes.

1-5-2013 v.1.0.47 – Optimized zombies devices, several other performance optimizations.

1-4-2013 v.1.0.46 – Re-textured Infested Jungle, Optimized zombies even more, camera distance cutoff, walking upwards fixed.

1-3-2013 v.1.0.45 – Fixed map, Adjusted Chat button, Added Health display, optimized zombies more.

1-1-2013 v.1.0.43 – COOP Mode now available , added.

12-31-2012 v.1.0.40 – Added Coop Mode testing Supporters, added a close game button menu, Adjusted Looking Sensitivity, bug fixes.

12-19-2012 v.1.0.37 – Added a scroll bar server list.

12-15-2012 v.1.0.35 – Fixed Weapons Glitch after dying.

12-14-2012 v.1.0.33 – Improved Weapon Model, Added Music option screen.

12-13-2012 v.1.0.32 – Added Multiple Weapons, currently pistol with a swap button, .

12-12-2012 v.1.0.31 – Added Sounds, shooting vehicles, Added Music, Added a Skull Hologram where players die, Fixed shooting bug, fixed some floating player issues, Removed extra chatroom button, Fixed several Team Switching graphic bugs, Fixed dying players floating towards menu spaces. Slight increase movement speeds, Added option music off menu.

12-11-2012 v.1.0.30 – Added bullet tracers so see if people are shooting direction.

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