Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Swiss Traffic Road Live v3.2.3

Swiss Traffic Road Live v3.2.3

Discover Swiss-Traffic, application -localized mobile voice support line No. 1 who guardian angel!

« Like when using a GPS navigation system, be informed by voice system danger or traffic delays that might occur itinerary, without any required handling smartphone. Thanks preventive informations, change . »

Permissions: [Directly call phone numbers]

Only used able our Traffic Information Center directly from .

We inform about :

• ghost drivers, accidents traffic jams reported iin real time

• road repair sites, closed roads, mountain pass closures

• continously updated speedlimitations

• route planner

• voice alarm WHEN exceeding speed

• New WIDGET! (first add favorites with route planner)

TO USE SWISS-TRAFFIC EN ROUTE MEANS : To loose no time, dangers problems them, automatically warned when exeeding speed limit.


Using Swiss Traffic, position computer center.

These position data are completely anonymous used traffic overloads improve traffic information.


Whats New:

- 2 levels registered (when opening mode) application keeps two levels .

- Zoom button map

- Optimization

- Voice alarm WHEN exceeding speed

- Route planner ameliored

- Continously updated speedlimitations

- Widget (first add favorites with route planner)

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