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Wave Control Pro 2.42 (Android)

Wave Control Pro 2.42 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $2.99

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Uses sensor phone control music playback by waving over .

Wave Control Pro version gives all current features at no additional cost. Free version has purchasable upgrades features become available. Pro version’s price periodically increases are added.


9/7/2012: Tasker Support! Change profiles from Tasker – Find section app.

8/17/2012: Control Music playback PC with foobar2000 controller Pro – now compatible with Wave Control

Known Issues:

Galaxy Ace, Y, : Try a different music app list further down.

Screen Off not working X, Galaxy S Captivate

Actions: Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up/Down, Launch Google Voice Search, Screen Toggle On/Off, None

Better than lockscreen controls since there’s no need screen or even touch at all!

-Want song? Just wave!

-Need quickly? Just wave!

Great for:

At – Don’t waste time unlocking

Driving – Don’t take off songs

Cooking – Control with covered

Cleaning – Don’t worry about getting dirt all over

Eating – Don’t worry about smearing all that burger juice phone

Working Out- Don’t fall off trying

Coming Soon:


Wave Control Pro Player Compatibility List:

Player Compatibility List:

Any Music app that supports “Headset Controls” such:


Rocket Player

PowerAmp Menu -> More -> Settings -> Headset -> Respond Buttons



Slacker Radio

Uber Music

Samsung Music Player (Galaxy S2 .. not Galaxy S, Y, Ace)

Google Music

MixZing Menu -> Settings -> Headset -> Enable Headset Controls

doubleTwist Settings -> Player Settings -> Use headset controls

Winamp Menu -> Control Headset



MX Player

Samsung FM Radio

.. !

Easy , just wave over (usually located just next earpiece phone).

Holding (hover) – Pause/Resume

One wave across – Next Song

Two waves across – Previous Song

Three times – Enable/Disable

*Be sure Headset Button Control player

Some Notes:

Tip hover gesture: if away too quickly it’ll register a wave

After an action, there 1 second delay before another gesture registered

Will work with any player that accepts headset (media button) controls

If or another app focus, phone vibrates once control controls

Practice techniques by checking the “Last Action”

If you’re getting another player responding commands, use Target Media App setting


The sensor WILL behave differently phones. I don’t resources a bunch around on. If there problem with , please email me me a chance before leaving a bad review!

And… there chance t may not be compatible with .. sorry. I’ll do my best list up so future users won’t run in.

Incompatibility List:

*HTC EVO 4G (erratic sensor reading cause commands own)

Permissions Needed:

Wake Lock: So work when phones

Read Phone State: So switch modes when phone or in-call

Vibrate: To use when screen if off or app not

Write Settings: For Screen Off functionality

What’s Control Pro version :

V2.42: Added Vibrate after action option, added Hungarian Language support – Thanks David

V2.37: Fixed crash bug from some phones, fixed some screen toggle bugs, changed ads setup

V2.36: Added support (Thanks Erdem!)

V2.35: Added Support (let me know if )

V2.34: Fix Samsung devices such Tab 2 7.0 (uninstall then reinstall if an older version that’s not working)

Wave Control Pro Developed Samsung Galaxy SIII

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Download Instructions: Wave Control Pro 2.42 (Android)