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Lode Runner Classic 1.0 (Android)

Lode Runner Classic 1.0 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 2.2

Price: $2.99

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Lode Runner Classic combines play 150 levels award-winning Apple II original Lode Runner with graphics engineered’s advanced smartphones. The game’s frantic action takes place-like, static levels, where a single player dodges enemies while running stacks . No jumping . And shooting enemies , but blast blocks lower platforms or trap pursuing enemies. Winding through ever-increasing levels makes superior challenge, but now choose any one 150 levels at any time.


Although remains true original Apple II version, there are plenty features , including options around speed. Worldwide leaderboards track scores submitted from around scores Facebook wall off -school gaming chops.

- Lode Runner Classic Features:

- 150 puzzling levels – all unlocked

- Two game modes – Expedition Attack

- New magnification effect – zoom around

- Multiple play speeds – super slow action

- Fully adjustable color palettes

- Worldwide leaderboards

- Multiple control schemes

- Illustrated How section

“When Lode Runner came out Apple II, thing I expected was that would be alive platform’s smartphones 25 years later. It’s really gratifying that so many people are still interested game.”

Douglas E. Smith, Original Creator

“In days, there was Lode Runner. I consider real puzzle game. That was my favorite, many years. It’s such a good combination stuff, -work, planning -solving. Every level was a real puzzle with its own mechanics, its own dynamics, its own kind . At time, an arcade game . T was done absolutely right. I can’t imagine any other game with such inventive design.”

Alexey Pajitnov, Tetr

Interview with Edge Magazine

What’s New Runner Classic version:

Initial Release

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Download Instructions: Lode Runner Classic 1.0 (Android)