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LectureNotes 2.1.3 (Android)

LectureNotes 2.1.3 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: LectureNotes Android app-taking by handwriting screen, with a stylus.

: Android Device OS 3.0

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designed having a user at university (or at school), a lecturer who preparing her/ or even teaching (by writing device content audience) or a student who taking handwritten notes during a lecture. However, found many users outside academia, businessmen who use sales presentation or artists who use create sketches .

Its major target devices are tablets with Android 3.0 or later ( Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet with an N-trig stylus, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with an S-pen, Asus Nexus 7 with an Adon Pro Wacom Bamboo stylus). The basic functionality should work devices with Android 3.0 or later, but some which are hardware-dependent such sensitivity might not.

NOTE: There free trial version if . The free trial version functional with that , with no eight pages per notebook.

If a problem with , please report me by email (devel [a], I my very best . The same holds true requests, please send them by email, cannot respond market review.

Major features:

* Requires only minimal permissions internet connection ( respect !)

* Allows multiple pages simultaneously visible screen (i.e. continuous page view)

* Allows smooth writing, typing, scrolling,

Additional features:

* Allows free choice ’s page width (i.e. horizontal resolution ’ bitmaps)

* Allows free choice ’s cover color, paper color, paper pattern type (plain, ruled, checkered, image, or custom), paper pattern size, pattern color

* Provides four standard pencil colors, three standard pencil widths, seven standard eraser sizes, custom pencils (for which color, width, softness, sensitivity freely chosen)

* Provides a text layer text via keyboard

* Provides simple drawing tools such, empty rectangle, empty oval,

* Allows cut, copy, within notebook pages notebooks

* Allows multiple layers pages

* Allows image set import in (including image import directly from camera)

* Allows single- -page PDF import (requires PDFView installed)

* Allows notebook export PDF

* Allows notebook export (requires Evernote app installed)

* Allows audio recording (requires LectureRecordings installed)

* Allows sharing pages

* Allows keyword attachment pages indexing

* Allows insertion, deletion, pages

* Allows sharing

* Allows organization

* Allows backup board

Possible issue: For certain functionality, requires other apps installed: Notebook import, notebooks board restore, set import require a file manager app installed; image import directly from camera requires a camera app installed; PDF import requires a file manager app installed; export requires app installed; audio recording require LectureRecordings installed.

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