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Old School Defense 1.0.0 (Android)

Old School Defense 1.0.0 (Android)

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: Android Device OS 1.6

Price: $0.92

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The Dean old tricks, t attempting Lambda Epsilon Omega’s party. He has recruited various Party Crashers that must defend against. In t tower defense game, place pledges off different modes, over 30+ different maps!

Old School Defense features:

• Pledges with names remember from School movie

• Exciting upgrades pledge!

• Go streaking!

• Levels named by backrs!

• Survival modes!

• 30+ challenging maps with different levels crasher waves!

Strategically place Darcie, Beanie, Mitch, Jerry, Weensie, Blue, Spanish what’s yours. Each pledge has unique strengths , with 4 levels !

Old School Defense was made possible by AppBackr.

What’s New School Defense version:

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