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iDisplay 2.4.4 (Android)

iDisplay 2.4.4 (Android) Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Turn device in second monitor Mac or Windows PC!

: Android OS 2.2

Price: $4.99 More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk

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Turn tablet or phone in display Mac or Windows computer. Increase productivity by extending screen! Perfect tool, iDisplay lets wireless display screen real estate.

“That’s: brilliant. I mean, I a billion uses.” -MobileCrunch

Why choose iDisplay over hardware display?

- Your Android display

- Works with both Mac computers

- Choose between WiFi connection options: whichever suitable particular situation

- iDisplay lets with display: move objects, draw, control playback

- Zoom right Android

- Easily switch between portra landscape screen orientations: simply rotate automatically

- Perfectly fits Android screen resolution


Android OS 2.1 or later

Mac OS X

iDisplay Desktop application needs installed Mac.

iDisplay Desktop be downloaded anytime at

iDisplay with Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.5 .


iDisplay Desktop application needs installed PC.

iDisplay Desktop be downloaded anytime at

iDisplay with Windows XP (32-b), Windows Vista (32- -bit) 7 (32- -bit), Windows 8.

Windows 7 Starter Edition supported.

For Windows Vista 7 “Aero” theme may be disabled when connected be re-enabled upon disconnection).


Your computer must be connected same Wi-Fi network.

NOTE: Video playback may be laggy. We’re working optimization, please make sure up !

What’s New version:

Version 2.4.4

- Scroll with 2 fingers

- Bug fixes improvements

Version 2.4.2

- Faster app performance with single-core CPUs

- Faster image rendering-res displays

- Bug fixes

Version 2.4.1

- Performance significantly improved

Version 2.3.6

- Windows 8 support

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Download Instructions: iDisplay 2.4.4 (Android)

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