Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

PureVPN Android App Version 1.0 (1.0) Android Apk App

PureVPN Android App Version 1.0 :D

Compatible with: Android v2.0+

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More About T:

Security always an important concern devices. As between cellular networks, private networks Wi-Fi hotspots, device online threats such thieves. T VPN app privacy by using industry standard AES 128/256.

It’s user-friendly UI makes protocol selection, blended with intelligent ‘Purpose’ mapping, a real blessing. In addition , L2TP/IPSec phones.

Main Features:

1. Multi-Level PPTP & L2TP security Protocols

2. Saves Username/Password connection.

3. One click VPN server selection tool

4. Unlimited server switches between 18 Countries + servers

6. Provides a purpose selection tool which then recommends fastest server based location.

7. Integrated Live chat system which 24x7x365.

Security & Privacy: T protects Wi-Fi hotspots by encrypting all traffic; protect IP address any tracking .

Unblock Web Services: Unblock all web restrictions globally including East East. Access all TV Shows , Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer etc. with complete freedom. Access all web services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flicker, Youtube, Skype etc. across with no browser restrictions.

Secure Financial Transactions: Nobody would like their banking id online crooks.VPN secure protocols makes browsing confidential, or shopping websites are not traced by cyber criminals.

Secure Email & Data Transfer: T App secure exchange by encrypting data. Even when cyber-criminals get success , they be able information messages are form.

PureVPN provides secure fastest VPN connnection based devices. Now power true Internet hands.

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