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Game Releases • Bubble Glow HD FREE V1.0

Bubble Glow HD FREE V1.0
Android 2.2+
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challenging." – Kimberly Mabuna Samsung Galaxy S2


We are now aware Android devices having technical issues.
Fixes are coming soon, thanks patience!

★ Over 1000 New Levels - Hours Shoot Bubble Game Android Entertainment with a new fruity twist
★ Solved Colorblindness headaches! With Our Colorblind Settings now everyone
★ Bright Healthy Apples, Pairs, Oranges, Strawberries, Grapes & Bananas & Blast together
★ Fresh & Beautiful HD Fru Graphics, with a User Friendly Interface
★ Beat Score or send Friends Friendly Fruity Challenge
★ Exciting new Bubbles! Puzzle Maps & Arcade Mode + Level Select
★ New Deluxe Auto-Save Code, qu game, take a phone call, send a text - when back, be there waiting
★ Bust combinations or bubbles them pop points, lose become Frozen solid
★ Streamlined design (KISS Principle) Android Mobile & Tablet
★ Listen Music Effects or Mute them while
★ Earn score then share with , Twitter, SMS, YouTube, Google+
★ Created by one ’s Leading App Development Companies
Bubble Fru % FREE! You & In Love collecting Bright Healthy Apples, Pairs, Oranges
★ Become a fan! Get exclusive rewards up latest news.

For technical problems or issues (including Google employees) please email us at any time. We are listening feedback keep improving features so stay tuned.
Thank you.

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