Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Sleep as Android FULL v20130115 (20130115) Android Apk App

Sleep FULL v20130115

: Varies with device Android Apk Market Overview | Android Market Apk Download: Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. Wakes sleep mornings.


Features: sleep graph history, sleep defic deep sleep statistics, sharing (FaceBook, Twitter), nature alarms (birds, sea, storm…) with gradual volume up, alarm playlists from , lullabies asleep, CAPTCHA up, sleep talk or snoring recording … (2 weeks trial)

aka “Sleep Droid”

What’s version:

-More devices compatible with high quality recording

-”Play All” noises s recordings

-Automatic deletion noises, please star those which

-Lucid dreaming -snoring warning

-Configurable anti-snoring response (vibrations / tongue click), please re-enable

-Fixes dreaming switch, please re-enable

-Localized Good Night message

-Fix beep beep sound with playlists

-Updates, Portugal, Czech (many thanks Jeroen, Lukas)

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