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GO TaskManager EX 2.5 (2.5) ☆LiteModded☆ Android Apk App

GO TaskManager EX 2.5 ☆LiteModded☆

: 2.2+

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GO TaskManager EX aims at becoming a professional task killer manage Android phone. Kill task, free memory, save battery up main goal.


GO TaskManager EX professional tool applications, free memory battery. Very powerful, Easy, Safe life! Max life. Must Have.

★Popular Features

Make faster

-Kill task, with one click, pretty simple widgets. Easy memory!

-Advanced kill. Mostly prevent apps au, need ROOT

-Phone Check. One click status, always keep

-Cache, s files generated by applications

-Net Stat widget. help keep track usage /3G -Fi data

-Many cool themes; widget

★More Features

-Scheduled Tasks, no need kill apps cache

-Device Info, give information about

-Boot apps, help Prevent Au applications. Increase speed, need ROOT

-Net Access, customize restrict apps access network, need ROOT

-Apk scanning. Install apps from third party always leave installation packs phone. Clear

-High risk app, might read data, network leakage risks


▪Both standard widget are supported. However, if animation , GOWidget best choice. Of course, GO Launcher EX must be installed.

▪Kill task (Available Widget Size)

1×1, 4×1, 4×2(Just)

▪Net Statistic (Available Widget Size)


▪How EX home screen?

-Press button

-Choose the ‘Add’ button

-Choose the ‘Widget’ or ‘GOWidget’

-Choose size

-Then press the ‘Add ’

★What, exactly, ?

▪Root a status Android Phone do core operations device.

▪From simple things like clearing from core applications, advanced things like wirelessly tethering a laptop or iPod touch through , root it.

Download GO TaskManager EX cannot root , some tools or ask friends ^-^

Hello everyone, here comes version TaskManager EX 2.5 ☆LiteMod☆


1. [New] Add System Temporary Files s System Trash

2. [New] Advanced Kill Android 4.2 or up,need ROOT

3. [New] Baby Dinosaur theme APP Widget. Change now

*Use Getjar gold PRO Version, totally FREE!

*Free ‘Advanced Kill’ main page, need ROOT.”

Features modified version: Reduced some drawings, deleted tutorials , retained all full version.

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http://newandroidmarketsapk.blogspot.com/ More Info For Android Apps | New Android Market Apk :


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